In BizTalk360 version 8.7, we have modified the System Settings UI for better usability. We have added an Expand/Collapse option across all the sections in the Settings screen. This will be helpful for users to expand and see the information at their convenience.

System Alert Settings:

We have added a new System Alert Settings section under the Monitoring and Notification section that will handle the Monitoring errors (such as Query Timeout etc.,) that happen when monitoring the BizTalk server artifacts. By toggling the “Monitor error alerts” status, the administrators will get notified whenever there is a monitoring error in the configured environment. To configure the monitor error alerts, users must provide either an email id or configure any one of the notification channels.

Once the admin user email id is configured, alerts will be sent to the admin user as well as the users configured to receive alarm notifications when there is any monitoring error. Users can also provide multiple emails separated by semicolon.

The notification channel(s) can be configured by clicking the “Manage Notification Channels” link.

Once the Notification channel(s) is set up, the configured channels will be displayed in the System Alert Settings under the Configure notification channels section. Users can choose the notification channels from the list, enter the admin email details to get alerted of monitoring errors.