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In this article, we will have a detailed look into the enhancements made to ESB Exception Management Portal in BizTalk360 version 8.1. This feature allows users to view all the ESB exceptions messages directly in BizTalk360. Organizations use the ESB exception management capabilities, that comes out-of-the-box in Microsoft Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) toolkit, to handle exceptions uniformly in BizTalk applications. In this version, we have added two important enhancements to the ESB Exception Management Portal based on our customer feedbacks. We have added the capability to resubmit messages with itinerary headers. Additionally, the users can now resubmit messages that were previously submitted.

Resubmit messages with itinerary headers

In addition to resubmitting messages through SOAP and WCF BizTalk360 allows users to resubmit messages with itinerary headers in version 8.1. Please refer this article to configure ESB itinerary header in BizTalkServer. 

  • For Itinerary SOAP and WCF on ramp, Text/HTML and Text/XML resubmit is supported
esb exception management in biztalk360

Resubmit messages that are already submitted

In BizTalk360, once you have edited the message, the message can be resubmitted to a specific receive location to the appropriate destination. Read this article to understand the process of editing and resubmitting a message from the ESB Portal in BizTalk360. You need to note that in the earlier versions, once a message has been resubmitted, you will no longer see the Edit button appearing in the Message Content window. In the latest version, we have enabled users to resubmit messages that were successfully submitted previously.

resubmitting biztalk messages