In this article, we will explain the user access policy settings for MSMQ. Only Super Users will have the permissions to grant access to manage MSMQ monitoring in BizTalk360. For Normal users, in order to be able to access the queues section and set up monitoring on MSMQ, super users needs to grant the permissions under the User Access Policy section in BizTalk360 Settings.

Let's say Scott is a Normal User at ACME corp, and he has to be given permissions to access the Queues section within BizTalk360. Follow the steps as shown below to grant access permissions to a normal user:

  1. Log into BizTalk360 (as a Super User)
  2. Click the Settings icon at the top right corner of the window

    grant access permissions to new user by a super user in biztalk360

  3. Select User Access Policy from the left navigation menu

    biztalk user access policy settings screen

  4. Create a new user by clicking the New button

    biztalk360 user access permission details

  5. Enter the user name as Scott, domain name, and select the environment for which the user will have access (say, Testing/Staging/Non-Production) and click Next

    configuring new users in biztalk360

  6. Choose the Applications for which the user will have permission and click Next
  7. In the User Access (module wise) section, enable the toggle for Monitoring section. This will open up the options available under the monitoring section.
  8. Select the Manage Alarm check box 
  9. Select the MSMQ Monitoring check box in order for the normal user to have access to Queues section. You can also select the other sections/features that the user will have access to by selecting the check boxes.

    adding access permissions to a user in biztalk360

  10. Click OK to save the user permissions
  11. The user will get saved within BizTalk360

    normal user and super user in biztalk360

  12. The normal user will be able to access the MSMQ monitoring

    msmq monitoring access for biztalk360 normal user