BizTalk360 Troubleshooter is not a new tool/concept that we have introduced in BizTalk360 version 8.1. We already have the BizTalk360 Troubleshooter being used by our customers for the smooth and seamless installation of BizTalk360 on their BizTalk server environments. BizTalk360 Troubleshooter contains an extensive set of rules to verify the prerequisite conditions in order to successfully run BizTalk360. The initial version of BizTalk360 troubleshooter had all the details in a single pane/view. We improved the troubleshooter tool to have a better user interface with a bunch of new sections to view the configuration problems and issues in the environment. For detailed information about BizTalk360 Troubleshooter, we recommend you to read this blog article.

Why Integrated BizTalk360 Troubleshooter?

In the previous versions of BizTalk360 troubleshooter, when the customers faced any issues while installing BizTalk360, we recommended them to run the troubleshooter tool to identify the problematic areas in their environment. Customers had to download the troubleshooter tool (as a separate tool) and view the issues in their BizTalk environment. In order to avoid this technical challenge and to create a seamless experience for our customers, we decided to implement the troubleshooter tool as a web-based offering of BizTalk360 application. From BizTalk360 version 8.1, the troubleshooter tool can be easily accessed from within BizTalk360.

You need to keep in mind that BizTalk360 Troubleshooter will not transmit any information without your consent. The tool is designed to run a defined set of rules that will validate your BizTalk server configuration in order to identify any configuration issues or permission issues.

How to access the Integrated BizTalk360 Troubleshooter?

You can access the integrated BizTalk360 troubleshooter under the user access section. For detailed information about the options in the troubleshooter page, please read this article.