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In this article, we will have a detailed look into the enhancements made to the monitoring dashboard. The monitoring dashboard underwent a massive UI revamp in version 8.0 and had a fresh look. In version 8.1, we have improved the monitoring dashboard UI experience and added the capabilities such as:

  1. Expand and collapse at node level in graphical tree view
  2. Error Info button to view consolidated error detail in a single view
  3. View graphical tree in full-screen mode
  4. Filter option for Azure services and Queues
  5. Icons added to the parent nodes

Expand/Collapse at node level in Graphical Tree View

The monitoring dashboard in full view and collapsed view mode shows a graphical tree view structure with the status of each configured sectios within the alarm. A complex BizTalk environment will have numerous BizTalk resources created and monitored. These resources might be related to each other, might be independent, but they all work in a shared BizTalk environment. Viewing such complex environments in a graphical tree view will more often be cluttered and difficult to visualize in one view. In version 8.1, we have enhanced the graphical tree view with the option to expand and collapse at the node level. Using this option you can expand the nodes that you wish to view and collapse the insignificant nodes.

  • Click the button on the node(s) that you wish to collapse
  • Click the  button on the node(s) that you wish to expand

Error Information

In the graphical tree view pane, we have added an Error Info button near the utility tools. Clicking this Error Info button will give you a view of the errors associated with the alarms grouped by the respective top level sections. In the earlier version 8.0, to view this error information you had to click on the error node to view the error information. In the current version, you can view the error information in both ways either by clicking the error node to view the error associated with the particular node or by clicking the Error Info button to view the complete list of errors associated with the alarm.

Full Screen Mode

The graphical tree view can be expanded to fill the entire screen with the newly added Full Screen feature. This feature is great for those users using screens on netbooks or to make the most of the HDTV screens. The full screen mode lets you to expand the tree view to fill up your whole screen. You can toggle back to normal view by pressing ESC button.

Full Screen mode is not supported in Internet Explorer 9 and 10.


The monitoring dashboard allows you to apply filters to event types (Errors and Warnings) and top level monitoring sections (BizTalk Application, BizTalk Server, SQL Server, SQL Instance and BizTalk Environment) for which you want to see on the dashboard. In version 8.1, we have introduced monitoring for Azure Services and Queues hence, under top level monitoring sections we have added the option to filter Azure Services and Queues. You can choose an array of combinations as per your requirement by selecting the values in the check boxes and the drop down.

Parent Node Icons

We have added icons to the parent nodes (Environment and BizTalk resources) for easy identification purpose. These icons are the same as you find in the navigation pane under Manage Mapping section.