From BizTalk360 version 8.1, we are enhancing the monitoring capabilities to be able to monitor services running on Azure. BizTalk360 is equipped with the framework to be able to monitor Logic Apps. If you are new to BizTalk360, please read the Monitoring and Notification documentation to get a basic idea of monitoring concept and how you can set up monitoring in BizTalk360. We recommend that you have basic understanding of how BizTalk360 monitoring works before continuing to read the articles in this topic.

Prerequisites for Monitoring Logic Apps from BizTalk360

In order to monitor Logic Apps from BizTalk360, you will need to ensure you perform the steps in the articles below, so that you can grant BizTalk360 the appropriate permissions to access your Azure Subscription. 

Follow the steps as given below:

  1. How can I find my Azure Subscription details and add it to BizTalk360?
  2. Enable permissions in BizTalk360 to be able to access the Azure subscription
  3. User Access Policy settings for Azure Services

In order for Auto Correct functionality to work with Logic Apps, the user needs to define the permission for the application to be able to "Read and Write directory data" when adding the application in the Classic Azure Portal. For more information on how to perform this step, please refer Step 13 in this article.