Once you have configured BizTalk360 with the New Relic key, and started the New Relic sub service, you will be able to see the analytics data in New Relic. Please note that it will take anywhere between 5 - 15 minutes for the data to be reflected as graphs in New Relic. We have already customized New Relic with 5 different types of dashboards to display the performance data of BizTalk server. Each dashboard will display multiple charts that depict the analytical data retrieved from the BizTalk server environment. The different monitoring dashboards (and underlying charts) available in New Relic are as follows:

  1. BizTalk Servers Health
    1. CPU Usage
    2. Memory Usage
    3. Disk Free Space (Percentage)
    4. Average Disk Queue Length
    5. Network Performance
    6. IIS Requests per Sec
    7. IIS Worker Process: CPU Usage
    8. IIS Worker Process: Memory Usage
  2. Host Performance
    1. Host Instance Performance by CPU
    2. Host Instance Performance by Memory
    3. Top 10 CPU Consuming Hosts
    4. Top 10 Memory Consuming Hosts
  3. Messaging
    1. Documents receive/Second
    2. Documents processed/Second
    3. Inbound Latency (sec)
    4. Outbound Latency (sec)
    5. Outbound Adapter Latency (sec)
    6. Request-Response Latency
  4. SQL Server
    1. SQL Server Instances by CPU
    2. SQL Server Instances by Memory
    3. SQL Agent Performance by CPU
    4. SQL Agent Performance by Memory
  5. Throttling
    1. Message delivery throttling state
    2. Message publishing throttling state
    3. Active instance count
    4. Database size
    5. Database session
    6. Database session threshold
    7. In-process message count
    8. In-process message count threshold
    9. Message delivery incoming rate
    10. Message delivery outgoing rate
    11. Message publishing incoming rate
    12. Message publishing outgoing rate

The Overview tab displays the key parameters of interest to the user as shown in the below picture.

biztalk360 plugin analytics chart in new relic