New Relic is widely used by companies as an enterprise-wide monitoring solution. New Relic has the capability to provide deep performance analytics of your configured environment. It is easy to analyze the data and get insights in real-time. From version 8.1, we have integrated BizTalk360 with New Relic. If you are already using New Relic, you can view the performance metrics of the BizTalk server environment across multiple dashboards within New Relic.

What are the services responsible for connecting BizTalk360 with New Relic?

The BizTalk360 Analytics service includes a new sub-service called "New Relic" which is responsible for pushing the analytics data from BizTalk360 to New Relic. The New Relic sub service executes every 60 seconds and checks for data in the Performance Data service (another BizTalk360 analytics sub service). Any new data will be immediately pushed by the New Relic sub service in BizTalk360 to New Relic (SDK). Please note that analytics should be enabled for the environment (even though you have configured New Relic). Only then, New Relic service will push the data to the platform.

By default, when you install/upgrade to BizTalk360 version 8.1, the New Relic sub service (under Analytics Services) will be in the Paused state. You need to manually start this service after adding the New Relic license key. This is an important step. Without performing this step, you will not be able to view the BizTalk360 analytics data in New Relic.
biztalk360 analytics with new relic integration