With two different offerings - BizTalk360 Azure Easy Installer and BizTalk360 on Azure Marketplace, there are chances you may get confused with these offerings. This article will help you to understand the basic differences between the two offerings. The basic difference lies in how companies make use of the cloud offering (Azure) from Microsoft.

BizTalk360 on Azure Marketplace

BizTalk360 on Azure Marketplace is suitable for customers having a full blown setup on the cloud, such as a domain setup, active directory, one or more BizTalk environments running within the network. In this scenario, customers can download BizTalk360 from the Marketplace. BizTalk360 will run independently in its own virtual machine environment and will connect to all the available BizTalk environments available in the same network.

BizTalk360 Azure Easy Installer

BizTalk360 Azure Easy Installer is a perfect candidate for customers using Azure for development and testing purposes. In these cases, customers will provision virtual machines according to their requirements, and delete them when the need is over. For these scenarios, BizTalk360 can be installed using the BizTalk360 Azure Easy Installer. The process is very simple and straightforward. You need to execute one PowerShell command to install BizTalk360 on your existing BizTalk server virtual machine.