As the industry shifts towards the usage of Cloud and cloud services, organizations have started to move their workload into the cloud. Most of the on-premise solution offerings are now being made available in the cloud for customers to take advantage of the technology. On these lines, customers using Microsoft BizTalk Server have made their move towards Microsoft Azure - Microsoft's cloud-based platform for building, deploying and managing applications and services. Organizations have started to migrate their BizTalk environments (say, development, testing) to Azure.

The move to cloud eventually means that customers using BizTalk360 for managing and monitoring their BizTalk server environments will need their BizTalk360 setup to run on their Azure setup. Without BizTalk360 on their Azure setup, the only way for customers to manage their BizTalk environment (running on Azure) is by physically logging into the server through RDP connection. Also, there is a challenge with the number of RDP connections (no. of users) who can access the server at a time. Therefore, the presence of BizTalk360 becomes an important factor - be it in an on-premise setup or on a remote server (Azure).

Keeping this in mind, we wanted users to have a seamless experience when using BizTalk360 on Azure - get things ready in a single click. BizTalk360 Azure Easy Installer does this job in a single click.

So, what exactly is BizTalk360 Azure Easy Installer?

BizTalk360 Azure Easy Installer is a one-step process (using a simple PowerShell script) to install BizTalk360 and configure Microsoft BizTalk Server (if required) on a BizTalk server running in Microsoft Azure. The BizTalk360 Azure Easy Installer eliminates the need to manually install BizTalk360 using the MSI and also provides an option to install and configure BizTalk Server if you are having a brand new virtual machine provisioned in Azure.

What do I need in order to set up BizTalk360 Azure Easy Installer?

To set up BizTalk360 Azure Easy Installer, the very basic requirement is to have an Azure Subscription. With a valid Azure Subscription, you can install a BizTalk server (either provision a brand new BizTalk server or use an existing BizTalk server setup) and set up BizTalk360 in a single click using the BizTalk360 Azure Easy Installer.