Version 8.0 is one of the major releases of BizTalk360, this is not classified as one of the regular upgrades we periodically release every 4-5 months once. We invested over 30,000 man hours in building some new components, redesigning the user interface and addressing bugs and change request we received over the 10+ months period.

We are splitting the work into two commercial categories,

  • Major upgrade to the product (from 7.x release), which includes the complete redesign of the user interface, fixes for over 100 bugs and fixes for some of the change request we received over the period of 10+ months.
  • The second part consist of 5 brand new components (add-ons) we have developed, that includes
    • A web-based business rules composer (BRE)
    • An analytics platform with dashboard and messaging patterns (BizTalk360 analytics)
    • A real-time activity feed of user activities
    • API access to the BizTalk360 backend
    • Custom notification channels SDK/Framework, with Slack & ServiceNow inbuilt.

As the product is getting matured and more and more functionalities are added, it's important for us to streamline the way we structure our pricing and licensing that's suitable for both our current customers and future customers.


Technically the new components are not part of the regular BizTalk360 from a licensing perspective. We do not want to confuse people by releasing multiple individual products, hence, we are bundling all of them under the same BizTalk360 banner. This is something most of the big software vendors do. Example: Microsoft SQL Server installation media will be the same, however, based on the license key it will determine whether it’s a standard, enterprise, or a developer edition, with specific features turned on and off (example: BI not available in standard). From a software vendor perspective, this makes it easy to manage the licensing code structure.

Let’s take a look at how the pricing/licensing structure will look for new and existing customers

New Customers

The scenario for future new customers or existing customer buying new licenses are pretty simple, they will buy the suitable licenses based on their requirements as outlined on our pricing page.

Existing Customers

All of our existing customers will automatically get entitled to the upgrade part of version 8.0 (not the second part) that includes the complete user interface revamp, bug fixes and changes request. You simply need to deactivate your current license, upgrade the software using the latest MSI and reactivate the license. Our system will perform some basic checks and will issue the 8.0 upgrade license as long as you have active annual support or subscription license in place.

In addition, we are also giving the “Custom notification channels framework with Slack & ServiceNow channels” free of charge to our existing customers.  “API access to the BizTalk360 backend” feature is available to anyone to use, however if you need support, the customer needs to pay for it separately.

If the existing customer would like to use any of the following 3 new component/add-ons

  • BRE Web composer,
  • Analytics & Message Patterns and
  • Real-time activity feed

then they can either upgrade their current license to the new PLATINUM tier or buy one of the features as a separate add-on. If you are interested, please get in touch with our licensing team at, we are providing the upgrade at a discounted price for our existing customers.