Once the users are set up in the managed services portal, the next step is to configure the site key provided by Kovai Ltd within the customer environment and enable the Service bus option so that the environment can be managed remotely through managed services.

The below steps will detail the process of setting up the customer site for remote access:

  1. Partner Admin/administrator to copy the site key from the managed services partner portal
  2. Partner admin to login to customer environment (via VPN/Citrix)
  3. Navigate to the Settings > Service Bus Registration screen
  4. Paste the site key (copied from managed portal) and click on the Enable Service Bus check box
  5. Within seconds, the list of service names that are exposed to remote access will be populated in the grid. These are the services that can be accessed remotely via managed services.
  6. On the partner managed service portal, the user can see the Is Live column has a green tick against the user name and environment. This means the customer site is now Live for remote access.

The next step is to map the user with an internal AD account within customer environment so that the environment can be accessed. Please refer to Mapping portal users to internal AD accounts section for more details.