The first version of BizTalk360 Business Rules Composer (released as a part of BizTalk360 v8.0) provides "almost" all the capabilities that are available in the BizTalk Business Rules Composer. There are few functionalities that are not available, and couple of limitations with the existing version of the product. We will be addressing these issues in the upcoming releases, and the documentation would be updated appropriately.

  1. BizTalk360 Business Rules Composer does not support creation of custom vocabularies, XML Schemas, Databases, and .NET Classes. With BizTalk360 v8.0, you must create your custom vocabularies using BizTalk Business Rule Composer
  2. When a rule is saved, you will notice a second level of rule information that gets saved (rule name plus alphanumeric characters). This field is not editable and you can only edit the item that contains the rule name.
  3. Test policy for 'XML values' will not change the values in the XML File directly for Security Reasons. Instead the modified file will be available as a zip file for download. You can download the modified XML file through the Download Test ResultĀ button.
  4. Download Test Result button will be enabled only if there is any change in the XML file .
  5. While creating custom values (using BizTalk Business Rules Composer), if you do not specify a description information, then the tool tip will not be visible when you add the custom value into the rules workbench.
  6. You cannot set the priority for the business rule as in the BizTalk Business Rules Composer