The BizTalk360 Business Rules Composer has been developed to work exactly the same way as it works in BizTalk. However, we have added few additional components to the feature that will be useful for business users while creating business rules. With the BizTalk360 Business Rules Composer, you can create more advanced and complex business rules to suit your business scenarios.

1. "Where" function

We have developed a new function 'Where' that can be used as an argument to query the database tables and retrieve the information. You can do this using the BizTalk Business Rule Composer, but it is much harder to read and understand. This function can be used as an argument within the actions (then) part of the business rule.

The "where" function has some inbuilt validations that are in place -

  1. Users must provide 3 values to the where function. The first and second value must be custom vocabulary that targets the database we want to query
  2. The first value must be of the same data type as the parent argument of the where function
  3. The second value must target the same table as the first argument
  4. The third argument can either be a manual input or a custom vocabulary that is of the same data type as the second value of the where function

2. If, Else, Else If

In addition to the existing statements And, Or, Not, the BizTalk360 Business Rules Composer contains three additional statements - If, Else, Else If. These statements  can be applied to the actions (then) part of the business rule to create more complex business rules. While creating a business rule, each "if" block will be considered as a separate rule and you will notice multiple rules with suffix information (alphanumerical values) getting created for each if block when the rule is saved.

3. Date Time Picker

Any function that involves picking a date/time (datetime data type) contains the date time picker (calendar) option. We have built this functionality to minimize the errors while creating the business rules, and for ease of using the tool for business users.

4. Download Test Result

With the BizTalk360 Business Rules Composer, you can download the modified XML file through the Download Test Result button. Test policy for 'XML values' will not change the values in the XML File directly for Security Reasons. Instead the modified file will be available as a zip file for download.