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The earlier versions of BizTalk360 had the capability to allow users to view the deployed Business Rules in the environment through the Business Rules Viewer functionality. Since the main objective of BizTalk360 is to make it the "One Platform for administering, operating, and monitoring on the BizTalk environments", we always wanted users to be able to perform any operations from the UI. With the traditional BizTalk Rules Composer feature, the process is long and tedious when it comes to saving/publishing and deploying the business rules. This section talks about how BizTalk360 solves this problem with the help of the in-built Business Rules Composer feature. Lets take a look at a scenario to understand the problem and the solution in a easy way.


Let's say scott works as the business user in ACME Corporation with limited privileges to perform operations in the BizTalk environment. Say, its Christmas time, and ACME Corporation decides to give a 30% discount on their product. This is a change to their normal business rule that is deployed in the BizTalk server, and if scott is responsible to get this change done, he cannot get it done easily in a couple of clicks! Firstly, being a business user with restricted access, scott has to get in touch with the IT department to gain relevant access. Once he has the access, scott has to open the 'Business Rules Composer' feature (that comes in-built with the BizTalk Server) and create a "New Policy that implements the 30% discount". Once scott finishes creating the rule, he must get in touch with the Operations and QA team to test and verify the policy and finally publish it. If you notice carefully, scott is forced to perform 3 different steps before the policy is published and deployed.


To exactly tackle this scenario, BizTalk360 has the "Business Rules Composer" capability that comes out-of-the-box with the product. With this feature, the business user (scott) no longer needs to contact IT to add/modify a rule and publish/deploy them. BizTalk360 also has the additional capability to audit user actions and maintain a history under the 'Governance-Audit' section, as well as push real time updates into the Live Feed viewer.

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