BizTalk360 front-end was originally built using Microsoft Silverlight and until version 6.7 it was the only primary front-end interface. In version 7.0 we migrated the entire front-end to HTML5 based single page application (SPA) to keep us inline with industry trends and also because of the fact Microsoft started to phase out Silverlight. 

Our support services for Silverlight versions of BizTalk360 is discontinued, this includes all the versions of BizTalk360 (until v.6.7). If you continue to use silverlight version of BizTalk360, technically your application may still work but you will not be able to access our technical support for your BizTalk360 related assistance. 

You’ll need to upgrade to the latest version of BizTalk360 to access our technical support and explore the new features that comes out of the box with the product. Please contact our licensing team for more details on version upgrade plans. We want to work with you to make sure that your upgrade experience is easy, fast, and as cost-effective as possible.