In this article, we will take a look at the steps to remove a widget from the BizTalk360 Analytics Dashboard. As mentioned in other articles, a widget can be added to the Analytics Home dashboard and Custom dashboard. A widget can be removed from the dashboard in two different ways -

  1. Clicking the Add Widget button, and deselecting an already added widget
  2. Right clicking on the dashboard area and clicking Customize. This will change the dashboard into a customizable area. Select the widget to be deleted and either click the on the widget or right click the widget and select Remove from Dashboard.

1. Deselecting an Already Added Widget through the Add Widget section

Follow the steps as shown below to remove a widget from the dashboard. To understand the process better, please assume that all the static widgets under the 'Suspended Instances (Group)' are added into the Analytics Home Dashboard. We will see how to remove these widgets from the dashboard.

  1. Log in to BizTalk360
  2. On the Home screen, click Add Widget
  3. You will notice the Add Widget blade on the right hand side of the screen. The Add widget blade will contain the list of Static Widgets that can be added to the dashboard.
  4. Since in this section, we are considering to remove 'Suspended Instances (Group)' widgets to the dashboard, expand the 'Suspended Instances (Group)' section
  5. You will notice a Dashboard 33.png icon against each widget. Hover over the icon, and you will notice the icon changing to Dashboard 12.png.
  6. Click the icon to delete the widget from the dashboard
  7. If the widget was successfully removed from the dashboard, you will notice a confirmation message as "Widget deleted successfully". The Dashboard 33.png icon will change as .
  8. Follow the same steps from 5 to 7 to remove the remaining widgets from the dashboard
  9. Click the Save button to close the Add widget blade. Alternatively you can click the X on the Add widget blade to close the blade.
  10. Once the blade is closed, you will notice a confirmation message as Configuration Saved Successfully

Click the sliders to go through the process.

biztalk360 analytics widgets adding w widget in biztalk360 analytics suspended instances as widgets in biztalk360 analytics suspended instances added as an analytics widget suspended instances list

2. Deleting a Widget From Dashboard Customization Area

In addition to deleting the widget through the Add Widget section, you can also delete a widget from the dashboard in two other ways -

  • Customizing the dashboard and clicking the 'Remove from Dashboard' icon (X)
  • Right click on the widget and select 'Remove from Dashboard' from the list

The process remains the same for Normal BizTalk360 Users.

The below screenshots depict the two different ways to delete a widget from the Dashboard Customization area.

Method 1

Deleting a Widget From Dashboard Customization Area removing widgets from analytics dashboard widget deleted from analytics dashboard

Method 2

widget customizing in biztalk360 analytics remove suspended instances from biztalk360 analytics biztalk messaging performance dashboard