Analytics Dashboards are simply collections of widgets that allows you to quickly visualize the performance parameters of your BizTalk server environments. BizTalk360 allows premium users to add 'N' number of dashboards with 'N' number of widgets in each dashboard. Each environment includes a Default Dashboard to get you started, the default dashboard contains 6 pre-loaded widgets (which can be customized by the users as per their requirements). In this article, we are going to dive a bit deeper into only view Analytics screen to understand the functionality of every option and control present in the screen. 

The Analytics feature is available only to the Platinum license environments of BizTalk360 v8.0. By default, the Analytics service is installed with BizTalk360 and for non-Platinum environments, users can only view sample analytics data.
The process to create and customize different types of dashboards under the Operations level and Analytics level remains the same.

Using Analytics Dashboard

Using an Analytics dashboard is very much like using the Operations Dashboard in BizTalk360. You can examine the graph elements in a widget by hovering your mouse pointer over the element. The image below illustrates the operations you can do with Analytics dashboard:  

biztalk360 analytics window

  1. Home - The Home screen on the Analytics level contains the Analytics Dashboard with pre-defined widgets that display the performance parameters of the BizTalk server environment. Similar to the Home screen on Operations level, users have the capability to create custom (performance monitor) widgets.
  2. Environment Name - Displays the name of the current environment.
  3. Dashboard Operations -  Displays the different dashboard operations - Add Dashboard, Delete Dashboard, Add Widget, Customize and rearrange the widgets on the page by dragging them to new locations and  Refresh the dashboard's data by clicking the Refresh tab in the top right corner of the dashboard.
  4. Widgets Area - This area is reserved for the widgets. When you click the Customize option, you will notice that each grid is a 1x1 block. You can add/customize widgets depending on multiple sizes such as 2x2, 4x2, 4x4, 6x4, and so on. For detailed information about Customizing Widgets, please refer this section.
    However, when the analytics dashboard loads up for the first time (after a fresh install of BizTalk360 v8.0 or upgrade to v8.0 from a lower version), you will notice 6 default widgets on the Analytics Home screen. They are -
    • Message Volume By Schema - Displays the number of messages transacted between the application based on the different schema
    • Analytics Service - Depicts the status of the analytics service. If the service is running without any problems, you will notice a green tick mark in the widget. If the service is stopped, you will notice a red cross mark in the widget.
    • BizTalk Messaging Performance - Displays the performance statistics of the BizTalk Messaging Engine 
    • Failure Rate By Schema (Top 10) - Displays the statistics of failed messages based on the Message schema
    • Failure Rate By Port (Top 10) -  Displays the statistics of failed messages based on the port
    • BizTalk Server Performance - Displays the end to end performance statistics of BizTalk server