In a data-driven business setup, there will be scenarios where critical executive decisions are made based on the performance reports of various components of the listed servers in their environment. BizTalk360 aims to offer an out of the box tool with similar capabilities as the Performance Monitor tool in Windows servers. BizTalk360 Analytics offers visual display of the most important performance counters that are consolidated and arranged on a single screen so that the information can be monitored in a glance. Custom reports can be built in minutes with the metrics that really count for your business, and they’re easy to share with other users in the system. In addition, dashboards can give you a summary of many reports on a single page using drag-and-drop widgets for fast, easy customization.

The Analytics feature is available only to the Platinum license environments of BizTalk360 v8.0. By default, the Analytics service is installed with BizTalk360 and in non-Platinum environments, users can only view sample analytics data.

biztalk360 analytics window

Dashboard Widget Types And Their Strengths

Each environment includes a Default Dashboard to get you started, the dashboards on BizTalk360 Analytics are composed of widgets, the default dashboard contains 6 pre-loaded widgets (which can be customized by the users as per their requirements). There are four different types of widgets that can be used in BizTalk360, Click here to read more about the types of widgets.

The process to create and customize different types of widgets under the Operations Dashboard and Analytics Dashboard remains the same.