You need to remember the following points before starting to work on the Dashboard;

  1. Dashboard functionality is available for both Super Users and Normal Users in BizTalk360
  2. By default, when BizTalk360 in installing, the 'Default Dashboard' is created with 5 Basic Widgets (Alarms, BizTalk Environment Properties, Artifacts Count, Monitoring Service, and Support & Documentation). Users can add their own widgets by using the 'Add Widget' section.
  3. None of the Home dashboards can be deleted (Operations Home/Analytics Home). However, you can delete a custom dashboard that has been created in the environment.
  4. When adding a custom dashboard, you need to keep the following points in mind -
    1. Dashboard name must be equal to or less than 50 characters
    2. Only limited special characters are allowed in the dashboard name (dash and space are allowed)
  5. With respect to Normal Users, the 'Default dashboard' will be visible. However, if the users do not have access to a particular section that is visible in the default dashboard (say, alarms or artifacts), they will not see the widgets on the dashboard. Only the BizTalk Group Properties, Monitoring Service widget and Support and Documentation widgets will be available.
  6. The 'Pin Results to Dashboard' option (in Message Box (Queries) allows you to pin the GroupBy results directly to the Operations Home dashboard or Analytics Home dashboard. Alternatively, you also have the option to pin the results to custom dashboards (if available) through the drop down.
  7. You can pin a module, as a shortcut widget to the dashboard only once. If you try to pin an already pinned widget again, you will see the error message as "Widget Already Exists in Operations Home"