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In this section, we will take a look at the steps to generate the Interchange/ACK Status Report from the EDI Status Report section in BizTalk360. The Interchange/ACK status report provides detailed information of a message interchange between two associated parties. It also provides the information about the correlated acknowledgements associated with the interchange.

To view the Interchange/ACK status report, follow the steps as shown below:

  1. Log in to the BizTalk360 application
  2. Click 'Operations' tab in the Navigation panel
  3. Click the expand button against 'Electronic Data Interchange' and click 'Reports' link
  4. Select the appropriate filter criteria (if any), and click Execute Query. Click here to know about the different fields in the query builder.
  5. The Query Results section will display the Interchange/ACK status report

Click the sliders to view the process of generating the Interchange/ACK Status Report.

EDI status reports home execute edi reports in biztalk360

Viewing the Interchange Status Information

Once the Interchange/ACK status report is generated, click the Properties icon (represented as an Eye icon) to view the interchange status information.The interchange status information will contain the following information - Control ID, Receiver Party ID, Sender Party ID, Receiver Party, Sender Party, Direction, Interchange Date Time, Group count, Port ID, Interchange Status, EDI Encoding Type, and Transaction Set Correlation ID.

All the values in the Interchange Status pop-up window are completely Read-Only.

Click the sliders to view the interchange status information.

view edi properties in biztalk360 edi interchange changes in biztalk360 edi interchange ACK edi functional ack
The process remains the same to view the other types of EDI Status Reports.

Viewing the Transaction Set Details Status Report

In BizTalk360, users can view the transaction set details status report by clicking the query result of Interchange/ACK status report. The transaction set details status report displays the details for transaction sets in a specific interchange.

edi reports home edi query execute in biztalk360 biztalk360 edi query filter

The vice-versa combination also works; when the query result in the transaction set details status report is clicked, users can view the Interchange/ACK Status Report information.

filtering edi query in biztalk360 multiple edi query filter

Viewing the Completed Batches Report from Batch Status Report

Users can view the Completed Batches information when the query result is clicked in the Batch Status report. The Completed Batches will show the information of the message batches that have completed successfully. When the Completed Batches query result is clicked, users can view the related Interchange/ACK status report information.

Click the sliders to view the Completed batches report from the batch status report.

edi completed batches report  biztalk360 edi completed batch reports edi batch status reports in biztalk360

Viewing the Interchange/ACK Status Report from AS2/MDN Status Report

The AS2/MDN Status Report shows the list of AS2 messages that are processed by the send and receive pipelines and the corresponding MDNs to those message interchanges. Once the AS2/MDN Status report is generated using the appropriate filters, users can click on the result in the query result section to view the status of the Interchange/ACK.

Click the sliders to view the AS2/MDN Status report and further view the Interchange/ACK status report.

Viewing the Interchange/ACK Status Report AS2/MDN Status Report AS2/MDN Status Report in biztalk360