Steps To Enable SSL / HTTPS For BizTalk360

In order to deploy BizTalk360 on HTTPS, your IIS must be enabled for HTTPS/SSL. The below links explain how to setup SSL on IIS 6/7. Please consult your IIS administrator before changing anything in your IIS as it may affect other critical sites running on that IIS.


IIS 7:

Once you have setup SSL on your IIS, you will need to enable HTTPS for BizTalk360. Follow the steps as shown below:

  1. Open Web.config from <your BizTalk360 installation directory>\Kovai Ltd\BizTalk360\Web
  2. Change security mode for basicHttpBinding (refer screenshot below)
  3. Change security mode for webHttpBinding (refer screenshot below)
  4. Enable HTTPS for serviceMetaData (refer screenshot below)
  5. The above steps will disable HTTP and enable HTTPS for BizTalk360. Depending on you IIS version and setup, you may need to reset IIS or recycle AppPool. Please consult your IIS administrator for more information.

What & Where To Change In Web.config

enabling ssl for biztalk360

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