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Understanding Throttling Analyser User Interface

Understand user interaction with Publish and Delivery Throttling Graph

Throttling Analyser in BizTalk360 provides a visual cue to represent performance collection data across host instances in a BizTalk environment. An environment in a BizTalk can have many Hosts configured and also can have many Servers associated to it. With this kind of configuration and having as many host instances across the Servers for the configured Hosts and Throttling Collection service collecting data for every 15 seconds from each host instance, it means the collection of data grows in size. Its visual representation will have too many data on the chart. This is overwhelming for any user and makes it practically difficult to focus on a particular or a set of host instances of interest.

In addition to the option of selecting Date and Time range to display the data for interested time period, a detailed section in the page also helps the user to understand the data availability and enable / disable the display of data related to a host instance on the chart.

Each host instance in an environment will have a dynamic color code assigned and using this the user can associate the data points and lines in the chart to a corresponding host instance.

The following screenshot shows the data for multiple host instances represented on the chart.

multiple host instances data

As the user scrolls down the page, The list of host instances are displayed and if the data is available for that host instance in the selected date and time range, it is represented with a tick mark with a dynamic color code associated.

filter graph by biztalk hosts and server instances

If the user feels, there are too many data points and lines on the chart and it is tedious to follow the visual, the user can just turn off certain host instances by clicking on the associated tick mark for a host instance and their corresponding data will be hidden on the chart. Also, the tick mark turns grey to represent the action. Click the slider to see how the graph looks after removing the tick mark.

biztalk hosts throttling data publish throttling in biztalk360 window

Also, to enable quick actions for the user, the check boxes at various levels were provided to toggle the display of host instance data at various combination levels.

Select All (At Hosts Level) -  Toggles data display of all host instances across Hosts and Servers. The chart will display all or no data appropriately and the associated tick marks of the host instances respectively.

Select at Host Level - Toggles data display of all host instance of that particular host across the servers in that environment.

Selection at Server Level - Toggles data display of all host instance of that particular server across the hosts configured in that environment.

Based on the selection, the check box status changes visually.

Checked - If all of the host instances at that level are selected and their data are displayed.

UnChecked - If all of the host instances at that level are unselected and their data are not displayed.

Filled -  If not all but one or few host instances at that level are selected and their data are displayed.

throttling analyser error details

If any of the host instance has got any errors in the system, it is represented by a warning / error icon next to the host instance status. When the user clicks the icon, an overlay appears with the details.