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Throttling in BizTalk server is one of the important core functionality, at the same time complicated technical bit. Majority of the time, people struggle to understand what BizTalk host throttling is and how it’s working under the hood. You really need to have a deep technical understanding of BizTalk internals to understand throttling. Even experienced BizTalk people struggle to constantly keep up with the values of throttling state on top of their head (ex: 4-process memory, 5- system memory, 10 – user override etc.). BizTalk360 throttling analyser helps to resolve this issue by giving visual representation of the throttling condition in a near real time basis.

How Does BizTalk360 Throttling Analyser Work?

BizTalk360 comes with a background monitoring service which is responsible for collecting the required throttling performance counter data from all the servers in the environment. It understands the BizTalk host/host instances configuration and periodically collect the required performance counter data and stores it in the central BizTalk360 database. The default collection time is 15 seconds. The collection algorithm is optimized, so that it will not collect unnecessary information. The data is persisted for 7 days, in the current version users will not be able to modify it.

Throttling analyser is enabled by default. There is no performance impact for using Throttling analyser in your BizTalk environments, since we only query the available BizTalk performance counters, which already collected the required data.

Benefits Of Throttling Analyser

The idea behind BizTalk360 throttling anlayser is to simplify the complexity in understanding BizTalk throttling mechanism and provide a simple dashboard view. This helps people to understand the throttling conditions in their BizTalk environment, even when they do not have very deep technical expertise. Throttling analyser can be very useful to understand the environment current processing capacity (whether your environment is working efficiently or under throttling condition), and it will help to do some capacity planning in near real time basis.

Traditionally BizTalk experts tried to understand throttling conditions in the environment by configuring windows PerfMon tool to collect 100's of counters (between different host and host instances in multiple BizTalk servers), which is time consuming at the same time you need expertise to understand the values you collected. Basically you used a general purpose performance collector tool to understand the complex BizTalk throttling mechanism. Whereas BizTalk360 Throttling Analyser is designed keeping in mind the various challenges in understanding throttling conditions in BizTalk and providing relevant visualization to easily identify any such conditions.

Accessing BizTalk360 Throttling Analyser

In order to access the Throttling Analyser the user can click on the Throttling Analyser item in the left Menu bar, which will display the throttling analyser as shown in the below picture.

biztalk360 throttling analyser