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Throttling Analyser feature is available for all Super Users of BizTalk360 application. Access to this feature can be restricted to non super users through User Access Policy settings.

Please follow the steps below to enable or disable access to Throttling Analyser for a normal user:

  1. Click Settings icon on the top right corner of the page. This navigates to BizTalk360 Settings page.
  2. Click User Access Policy  in the left menu bar. This navigates to the User Access Policy - Settings Screen and the users configured for BizTalk360 application will be listed.
  3. Click Edit against the normal user
  4. A popup Modify Existing User Access Policy will be displayed. Navigate to the Add Permissions sections
  5. Turn on the Analytics section, check / uncheck Throttling Analyser to modify the access
  6. Click OK

The same can be done for a new user and modify multiple users together by selecting one or more normal users. The below screen shot slider shows you how to perform the above tasks.

biztalk360 super user modify existing user access policy adding access permissions to biztalk360 users