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BizTalk360 comes with a monitoring service which is responsible for collecting the required throttling performance counter data from various servers in the environment. It understands the host/host instances configuration and periodically collects the required performance counter data and stores it in the BizTalk360 database. The default collection time is 15 seconds. The collection algorithm is optimized, so that it will not collect unnecessary information. The data is persisted for 7 days, users will not be able to modify it.

From BizTalk360 v8.0, Throttling Analyser is moved under Analytics tab. Service status of Throttling Analyser can be accessed from Settings>Analytics Health> Analytics Service Status. To read more about Analytics click here.

This throttling collection service can be started or paused as needed.

  1. Click Settings icon on the top right corner of the page. This navigates to BizTalk360 Settings page.
  2. Click Analytics Health in the left menu bar. This navigates to the Analytics Health and displays the list of subcategories to manage the health of Analytics section.
  3. Click Monitoring Services Status from the list
  4. In the list, select Throttling Collection service and click Start / Pause as needed
  5. In BizTalk360 v8.0, User can perform the required operation in 3 different ways:
    • Selecting the service (check box) and clicking on the Operation buttons (Start/Pause) at the top of the grid
    • Selecting the service (check box). When you do this, you will notice an inline operation showing up right next to the check box with the possible operations that you can perform on the service.
    • Hovering over the record in the Current State column - When you hover the mouse over the Current State column, you will notice the possible operations that can be performed on the selected service.

Below screen shot slider shows you how to do this in BizTalk360.

biztalk360 superuser window biztalk360 analytics health window biztalk360 service status throttling collection service status