Getting started with Managed Services is so easy and transparent. Once the partner/company has decided to use BizTalk360 Managed Services solution, the below steps will provide the process for setting up Managed Services:

  1.  Partner to fill in the Managed Services Partner Details form 
  2. Kovai Ltd to provide the required login credentials for Managed Services portal to the Partner (Admin) 
  3. Partner Admin to login to Managed Services portal and set up Partner Consultants configuration 
  4. Partner Admin then needs to configure the Site Access Key (as provided by Kovai Ltd) in Customer BizTalk360 application and enable the Service Bus 
  5. Finally, Partner Admin to map the consultant user to an existing AD account as Service Bus Identity
That's it! As you can see, within 5 easy to follow steps you are ready to access any customer environment within seconds. No hassle of checking if correct VPN/Citrix token being used or any other software configurations.