BizTalk360 Managed Services can be used by anyone who needs to manage BizTalk environments remotely. This can be consulting companies who provide BizTalk support or companies that have offices in multiple locations and needs to remotely login for supporting BizTalk on an adhoc basis. Currently based on the Customer, the remote mechanism is via VPN, Citrix or in some cases there is no option to remote access at all and the support can only be provided by physical presence to the customer site.

With VPN/Citrix access, one of the biggest challenge is the consultants needs to be aware of the various techniques and also have his VPN version properly configured/set up. Let’s assume a scenario where Partner #1 has three customers (ACME, Contoso, and Northwind) running BizTalk server in their corresponding on-premise environments. As you can imagine, Partner #1 has to maintain different versions of VPN/Citrix as per the customer's configuration/set up and keep upgrading as and when the customer changes their configuration.

BizTalk360 Managed Services feature solves this problem seamlessly by providing remote access to various customer site from a central portal in safe way with very little configuration. The only requirement is to have internet connectivity on the server where BizTalk360 (7.1 or above) is installed in the on-premise customer environment. BizTalk360 uses Windows Azure Service Bus Relay and Windows Azure Active Directory to make this possible. 

All a partner consultant needs to remember is the user credentials of the BizTalk360 managed services portal and once logged into the portal, he can remotely log in to any customer sites that he has access to with a click of a button.