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In BizTalk360, multiple articles can be created and tagged against the same event log. The application uses a Best Match scenario to identify and display the KB article. This depends on the additional options, known as tags, that the support person chooses while creating a KB article for the particular event log. For instance, set up the watch on the monitoring service, and the monitoring service starts successfully for a source (say BizTalk360 Monitor), and a event id (1234) is assigned for the event log. At the same time, the monitoring service starts successfully for another source (XLANG/s) with the same event id. The support person can create KB articles separately for both the sources with the appropriate information.

Adding KB Article For The Event Log Source (say, BizTalk360 Monitor)

  1. Log in to the application
  2. Click Knowledge Base icon at the top of the page
  3. Click Event Logs in the Manage Knowledge Base articles page
  4. Click Add New to create a new KB article
  5. In the Add New Knowledge base Article page, enter/select the following information. Only when an environment is selected from the drop down, the application will allow the selection the other items.
    1. Article Title – Give a meaningful name for the article. The best practice would be to provide a name related to the event log.
    2. Event ID – Enter the event ID for which the KB article is created, say 1234
    3. Event Log Description – Enter the detailed information for the KB Article in the text editor space provided. The text can be formatted with the appropriate font/colors/bold/italics and so on.
    4. Environment – Choose the environment for which the KB Article is to be displayed. If the default option (Choose Environment) is chosen, the KB article will be applied to all the environments.
    5. Source – Choose the source from where the event log was generated
    6. Log User – Select the logged in user information
    7. Log Type – Choose the type of event log — whether the event log is for an error/warning/information
    8. Computer name – Select the computer name
    9. Category – Choose the category of the error type — BizTalk server, Enterprise SSO, Message Logging, and so on
    10. Log Name – Select the log name that has been generated for the event log
  6. Click Save and Close to save the KB article for the corresponding event log

Adding KB article for event log source (say, RuleEngineUpdateService)

Follow the exact same steps as shown above, and select the appropriate tags (Environment, Source, Log User, Log Type, Computer Name, Category, Log Name) for the error code. The tags will play the differentiator to display the appropriate KB article.