View the earlier version.Version 7.10

Once the KB article has been added for service instance error code (referAdding a KB article for service instance error code), whenever the service instance gets suspended and the error code occurs again, the KB article will be displayed next to the error code. A book icon will indicate a KB article is available for the support user to refer for more information about the issue. When there are multiple KB articles for the same error code, BizTalk360 will apply the Best Match scenario and display the article based on the tags that have been applied for the article.

Viewing KB Article For The Suspended Service Instance

Once the KB article is created for a particular error code, if the error code is listed the next time under Message Box (Queries), a KB article icon will be displayed next to the error code.

  1. Log in to the application
  2. Select the Environment from the drop down
  3. CLick 'Operations' tab in the Navigation panel 
  4. Click the expand button against 'Data Access' and select 'Message Box (Queries)' link
  5. Select the query, add appropriate filters (if required) and click Execute Query
  6. The query result will contain the error information for the corresponding service instance. If the error code has a matching KB article, the KB article icon (book icon) will be displayed next to the properties icon
  7. Click the Properties (eye icon) to view the information about the error
  8. The Error Information section will display the information about the error message
  9. The Knowledge Base section will display the knowledge base article for the error message of the service instance