In this article, we will explain the steps to restore the default layout of the dashboard. BizTalk360 allows users to customize the dashboard according to your convenience. But, lets say, you accidentally removed a widget, or you want to clean up the dashboard to the original state (Basic Dashboard with Default Widgets), you can do so using the Restore Default Layout option on the dashboard.

Follow the steps as shown below to restore the default layout of the dashboard. To understand the process better, lets assume you have a dashboard view with all the Static Widgets added on to the Operations Home Dashboard. You want to reset the Home Dashboard to the default view and create a new custom dashboard with the different widgets. To achieve this,

  1. Log in to BizTalk360
  2. On the Operations Home dashboard, click the Customize button. You will notice that all the widgets will be in a grayed out state.
  3. Click the Restore Default button
  4. You will notice a warning dialog box with the message as "All active changes will be reverted and any pending edits on these will be discarded. Are you sure you want to restore the layout of your dashboard? ". Click Yes if you want to go ahead and restore the dashboard to the default state. Click No to retain the existing layout of the dashboard.
  5. Once the restoration process is complete, you will see a confirmation message as "Widget added to dashboard successfully". The layout of the dashboard will no longer have the static widgets that you earlier had. Only the default (basic) widgets will be available.
  6. According to the above mentioned scenario, you can now go ahead and create a custom dashboard and add the widgets into the custom dashboard. This process is not explained in this article since it is out of the scope of this article.
Clicking the Cancel button while customizing the dashboard will restore the dashboard to the previously saved configuration.

Click the sliders to go through the process.

widget layout in BizTalk360

biztalk360 widget layout changes

restore widget layout in biztalk360

restore widget layout in biztalk360

restoring default widget layout in biztalk360