In this article, we will take a look at the steps to configure the refresh interval for the widgets. By default, the widgets have a refresh interval count of 60 seconds. You will notice the refresh timer when you hover over the widget on the dashboard. After every refresh cycle, the widget values will be refreshed.

The minimum interval value that can be configured is 1 second and the maximum is 99999 seconds.

What are the widgets that allow the refresh interval to be configured?

All the widgets (list mentioned in this article) except To Do List, Message Box, Support & Documentation, BizTalk Environment Properties, Pinned Widgets support the refresh interval configuration.

Follow the steps as shown below to configure the refresh interval for a particular widget. We will consider the 'Artifacts Count' widget as an example to understand the functionality better. The process will remain the same for the remaining widgets in BizTalk360 dashboard.

  1. Log in to BizTalk360
  2. On the Operations Home dashboard, click the Customize button. You will notice that all the widgets will be in a grayed out state.
  3. Click on the widget for which you want to change the title. The widget will be activated with the controls required to edit the widget.
  4. Click the  icon
  5. You will notice the Configure Interval pop-in screen with the space to adjust the refresh interval. Enter the new refresh interval value in the space provided. Alternatively, you can use the up/down arrow marks to select a refresh interval value.
  6. Click OK to save the new refresh interval configuration
  7. Click Done on the top right corner of the screen to save the dashboard customization

Click the sliders to go through the process.

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