In this article, we will take a detailed look at the steps to pin a BizTalk360 feature as a shortcut (widget) on the dashboard. This is one of the ways to add a dashboard widget, as discussed in this article. The other way you can add a widget to the dashboard is through the 'Add Widget' option on the Operations Home dashboard.

You need to remember that when you pin a feature to the dashboard, it will get pinned ONLY to the Operations Home dashboard. You cannot pin a feature to the custom dashboard or analytics dashboard.

Follow the steps as shown below to pin a feature to the dashboard as a widget. To understand the process better, we will show the example of pinning the "Message Box (Queries)" feature to the Operations Home dashboard.

  1. Log in to BizTalk360
  2. Navigate to the feature that you want to pin to the dashboard, in this case, Message Box (Queries)
  3. Besides the feature name, you will notice a Pin icon
  4. Click the Pin icon to pin the feature to the dashboard (as a widget). You will notice a confirmation message as "Widget being added to dashboard...".
  5. If the operation was successful, you will notice a confirmation message as "Widget Added to dashboard successfully". The feature will get added to the Operations Home dashboard.
  6. On the Operations Home dashboard, you will notice the Message Box (Queries) feature pinned as a widget. Clicking the widget will take you to the feature in one click.

Important Points to Remember while Pinning to the Dashboard

  1. You cannot pin a Home to another Home (dashboard) as a widget. For instance, you cannot pin the Analytics Home dashboard as a widget into the Operations Home dashboard
  2. When you try to pin a page that already exists in the dashboard, you will notice a warning message as "Widget Already Exists in Operations Home"
  3. BizTalk360 Settings and Knowledge Base articles sections cannot be pinned to the Operations Home dashboard

Click the sliders to go through the process.

biztalk360 pin widget to dashboard

pin messagebox widget to dashboard

pin shortcut to operations dashboard in biztalk360

successfully pin widget to biztalk360 dashboard

click widget to navigate in biztalk360

shortcuts from biztalk360 dashboard

Pinning the GroupBy Results Information as a Widget to the Dashboard

In Message Box Queries, we have provided the additional capability to be able to pin the 'Group By Results' directly to the dashboard. Let's say, you want to know the count of suspended service instances across all the applications in the environment. You can use the 'Group By Results' and filter on the application name. When the result appears, you will notice a  link next to the results. Simply click the link to add the results as a widget to the dashboard. You will be prompted with an option to choose which dashboard to pin the GroupBy results (Operations/Analytics/Custom Dashboard in the drop down). If you click the custom dashboard from the drop down, click Submit to pin the information to the corresponding dashboard. If the widget was added successfully to the dashboard, you will see a confirmation message as "Widget added to the dashboard successfully". 

Click the sliders to go through the process.

pin results to dashboard in biztalk360

pin to analytics dashboard

pin to operations dashboard

pin groupby results as widgets to dashboard

groupby widgets view in biztalk360