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In a real time environment, multiple environments and multiple personnel may need to have the privileges to manage the knowledge base. By default, super users will have access to be able to create, edit, and delete KB articles. Super users have the privilege to assign permissions for normal users to manage the KB articles. In BizTalk360, configure specific user accounts can be configured to have access to create, edit, and delete KB articles.

Assigning Permissions For (Normal) Users To Manage Knowledge Base

The super users have the ability to set up user access policy restrictions across the entire application for users. They need to enable the 'Manage Knowledgebase Articlessetting to allow the normal users to manage the KB articles.

  1. Log in to the application (as super user)
  2. Click the Settings icon at the top of the page
  3. Click User Access Policy from the left menu bar
  4. Select the normal user for whom the KB article management rights is needed
  5. Navigate to the Permissions section, and turn on the 'Manage Knowledgebase Articles' section 
  6. Click OK to confirm the user access policy settings

Once the normal user has the privileges to manage KB articles, they will notice the 'book icon' next to the BizTalk360 version number at the top left corner of the page.