Once you have created a dashboard in BizTalk360, if you face the need to make any changes to the dashboard information (such as Dashboard name/global setting), you only have the option to either Delete the Dashboard, or create another new dashboard. There is no option to edit the dashboard information. In this article, we will take a look at the steps to delete a custom dashboard in BizTalk360.

Follow the steps as shown below to delete a custom dashboard.

  1. Log in to BizTalk360
  2. Expand the Dashboards section on the left navigation menu
  3. Select the Dashboard that you want to delete
  4. Once you have selected the dashboard, you will notice the Delete Dashboard button next to Add Dashboard
  5. Click the Delete Dashboard button. You will receive a confirmation Warning pop-up dialog box as "Do you want to delete your dashboard? You will lose all your changes."
  6. Click Yes to delete the dashboard from BizTalk360. Click No if you want to retain the dashboard.

Points to Remember while Deleting a Dashboard from BizTalk360

  1. Only a custom dashboard can be deleted. The Home Dashboard cannot be deleted. However, you can add/remove widgets from the Home Dashboard.
  2. When Super Users delete a Global dashboard, the dashboard will be completely deleted from the database and will not be visible for any other user in the system
  3. If the dashboard (that you are deleting) is the only (custom) dashboard in the environment, once the dashboard has been deleted, you will not see the Dashboards section on the left navigation menu. The Dashboards section will reappear when you create a new custom dashboard.
  4. Normal users will need to follow the same procedure to delete a custom dashboard
  5. Only Super Users have the capability to delete a global custom dashboard
  6. Once the dashboard has been deleted, all the associated widgets within the dashboard will also be automatically deleted

Click the sliders to go through the process.

BizTalk360 home screen

deleting custom dashboard in biztalk360

delete custom dashboard in biztalk360

deleting a custom dashboard in biztalk360