Self service Knowledge Base (KB) in BizTalk360 can help the support staff in understanding the errors that occur in the environment and steps to rectify them. This plays an important role in the production environment when there are suspended instances with a specific error code and event details with a corresponding event id.

For instance, there is a failed suspended instance in the environment. The support staff can see the error information for the failed suspended instance by clicking on the suspended instance. This information is very generic and may/may not help the support staff to understand the context of the problem. The support person may be able to figure out the root cause of the issue and fix it. Its more important that they document their assessment on the fix so that it may help them/other staff in future when they encounter a similar situation. This is where the self service KB can assist them to add any additional information about the problem. They can request the administrators to grant access to create KB articles (as only Super Users have the privilege). Once the KB article is added, it makes life easier for BizTalk support personnel as they will have handy information about the error code next time when they are in a similar situation. Over a period of time, the organization can maintain its own bunch of knowledge base articles to resolve the day to day production problems.