Graphical Message Flow is a visual communication and the aesthetic expression of message flow concept in BizTalk.

BizTalk being a powerful publish-subscribe engine, one of the biggest challenge is to understand the message flow within the system. If you got a more complex, very loosely coupled system, the challenge gets worse diagnosing/understanding the message flow. It's every single BizTalk persons wish to see an end-to-end graphical message flow within the system, that's exactly what BizTalk360 tackled with this release. It will greatly reduce the time taken to diagnose issues and helps to get a better understanding of how your application is designed.

Graphical Message Flow Viewer  constructs visualizations of message flow and assists people to see things that were not obvious to them before. Even when data volumes are very large, patterns can be spotted quickly and easily.

The Viewer shows you what messages a service instance (pipeline or orchestration) sent and received, and details such as the URL, port, and party used. You can also see which preceding service instances handled the messages coming into the service instance you are currently viewing. You can link back to these instances and see the messages coming into and going out of these instances. You can also see the subsequent service instances that received messages from the service instance you are currently viewing, and link forward to these instances to see the messages coming into and going out of these instances. In other words, you can walk through  the entire path of an activation message through your business process.