In generic terms, a Widget is a small piece of block that performs a particular operation/specific function in an application. Widgets provide a simple and easy-to-use way of using the application. Similarly, in the BizTalk360 dashboard, we have included the concept of widgets that can be added on to the dashboard by the users.

For more information about the different widgets that can be added in the BizTalk360 Dashboard, we have provided quick links below to the different articles;

  1. What are the Different Types of Widgets that can be Created in BizTalk360?
  2. What are the Different Widget Sizes Available in BizTalk360?
  3. What are the Different Ways in which you can add a Widget?
  4. What is a Custom Widget, and How to Add a Custom Widget?
  5. What are the Different Customization Operations That Can be Performed on a Widget?
  6. What are the Different Static Widgets that I can add to my Dashboard?