Dashboard - Is That A New Functionality? The Answer Is ...

NO. The 'Dashboard' in BizTalk360 is not a new concept. It is a functionality that has been available in the product since the early versions. If you are an existing user of BizTalk360, do remember the first page of BizTalk360 with the links to Alarms, Monitoring Dashboard, Applications, Hosts, Host Instances, BizTalk Servers, Message Boxes, SQL Servers, Adapters, Topology, Event Viewer, BAM Portal, Governance/Audit? Well, yes, that's the Dashboard in BizTalk360. For those who are new to BizTalk360, this is how the Dashboard screen was visible in the application. The Dashboard page was the default page that was visible to the user (like a Home Page).

BizTalk360 old dashboard

What was the Intent behind having the Dashboard in BizTalk360?

The main idea of having the dashboard in BizTalk360 was to provide easy access to different sections in BizTalk360 "in a single click". To achieve this, we picked up the key functionalities of BizTalk360 that "we thought" customers would be using more often on a day-to-day basis.

We wanted to Change the Way Users Use BizTalk360 Dashboard. Hence the Fresh Look ...

As a part of v8.0, where we decided to make a massive revamp to the BizTalk360 user interface, we decided to give the Dashboard a fresh look. We did not want to put something there and force the users to just use it. Instead, we wanted users to decide what they want on their dashboard. Yes, that's how we have revamped the dashboard in BizTalk360 v8.0. You will no longer see the traditional tiles but instead, you have the liberty to add your favorite sections to the dashboard.

However, when the dashboard loads up in v8.0, it's not completely empty. We have pre-filled the dashboard with certain "Default Widgets" that will give you some valid insights on the environment. We have also provided the liberty to the extent that you can still customize the Default widgets according to your needs. Sounds interesting? Here's the revamped fresh look of BizTalk360 Dashboard that loads up when you install BizTalk360/upgrade from an existing version of BizTalk360.

biztalk360 latest dashboard

To know more about the dashboard in detail, please refer this article.

That's Not It with the Dashboard ...

It just does not end with the users being able to customize their own dashboard in BizTalk360 v8.0. You can add your own Dashboard for different purposes - say, for example, you can create a dashboard that will have all the Monitoring widgets so that you can easily take a look at the health of your environment. Similarly, you can set up another dashboard for your users where they can easily keep track of the suspended service instances within the environment. We have also built the dashboard framework in a way that you can Create your own Custom Widget. The simplest example (to understand the functionality in an easy way) would be to create a Weather widget within your BizTalk360 Dashboard so that you need not switch between web pages just to take a look at the weather in your area. 

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