This feature is enhanced and merged with Business Rules Composer from V8.1 onwards. For latest documentation refer this link.

View the earlier version.Version 7.10

Business Rules viewer can be viewed in two ways:

  • Business Rules Menu
  • Application-> Application Details-> Business Rules Menu

Business Rules Menu

It will fetch all the policies under the business rule composer which are in status of published and deployed.

biztalk360 business rules viewer window

Another location from where the business rule view is displayed from the application Menu.

Application -> Application Details -> Business Rules Menu

In this menu, policies associated with the BizTalk application will be listed.

biztalk360 business rules menu

Business Rules Viewer

Policies and Rules are listed in hierarchy order on the left hand side. Polices are labeled with Name, Version and Policy Status. By clicking on the policy, it will populate the policy information and tracking information (Fast Activity, Condition Evaluation, Rule Firings and Agenda Updates). Policy status information details has been viewed in the tool-tip of question-mark icon. 

By navigating the rule node, it will display, policy information, rule information, actions and conditions. Rules information’s are displayed with Rule Name, Status and Priority.  Conditions and actions information is displayed in the same hierarchy order as like BizTalk Admin Console.  When we switch to other rule in different policy means the corresponding policy and rule information will be populated.

Deployment history tab will be enabled when the policy is deployed. It will maintain the status of the various changes in the policy deployed and undeployed. 

business rules viewer policies