BizTalk360 does not bundle Message Box Viewer (MBV) during installation due to the licensing restrictions of MBV. Therefore, administrators need to manually configure MBV separately in the server where BizTalk360 is installed.

Follow the steps as shown below to configure MBV:

  1. Download MBV Version 13 from:
  2. Extract the files to your preferred location in the server where BizTalk360 is installed
  3. Open a command prompt with “Run as Administrator” and navigate to the location where you extracted MBV
  4. Run MBVConsole.exe. Follow the on screen instructions and allow MBVConsole.exe to complete its execution
  5. Run MsgBoxViewer.exe. Click the “Start to Collect” button and allow the execution to complete
  6. Close the GUI application and make sure MBVSettings.xml file is created on the folder