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BizTalk360 offers an out-of-the-box monitoring solution that helps administrators to monitor the BizTalk server environments. In addition to monitoring, BizTalk360 allows users to create alarms and set up notification channels to be able to receive notifications about the health of the artifacts that are associated with the alarm.

The administrators can follow the exact steps as shown below to set up monitoring and notifications. Click the links to know how to set up the different stages of monitoring and notifications.

Creating an Alarm

  1. Create an alarm - This is the first and foremost step in setting up monitoring and notifications
  2. Alarms in BizTalk360 acts like a package to associate things together.
  3. Set up the threshold conditions for the alarm - By setting this option, BizTalk360 will trigger alerts immediately whenever the threshold condition is violated
  4. Set up the daily health check/status monitoring - By setting this option, administrators can receive periodic updates about the health of the environment
  5. Set up notification channels - Administrators can set up the channels through which they wish to receive notifications about the health of the environment

General Settings

Once the alarm is created, in order for BizTalk360 to be able to trigger the alerts to the respective notification channels, the administrator needs to make few additional settings (such as SMTP, SMS Gateway, Email template and so on):

  1. Configure up SMTP
  2. Configure SMS Gateway
  3. Configure Email template
  4. Configure Stop alerts during maintenance

Configure artifacts with the alarm

Once the alarm is created and the notification channels are configured, administrators can set up monitoring for the different artifacts in the BizTalk server environment.

Refer the Monitoring and Notification section to understand the process of monitoring the different BizTalk server artifacts.