This feature is enhanced and merged with Business Rules Composer from V8.1 onwards. For latest documentation refer this link.

View the earlier version.Version 7.10

One place to view and perform the operational tasks related to BizTalk is a fundamental building block of BizTalk360. With this design philosophy in mind and to enable other teams in the organization to view the Business Rules, we brought together the read-only functionality of the Business Rule Composer, BizTalk Admin console feature related to policies into BizTalk360 Business Rules module.

BizTalk360 - Business Rule viewer allows you to see the currently published/deployed rules, deployment history and whether tracking is enabled on these rules from one location.

biztalk360 business rules viewer

Deployment Status and Version Data of the Current Rule

One of the key feature of the business rule composer is once you have created a rule data and published/deployed it, then you will not be able to make any changes. With the deployment history it provides a audit trail of when the current version of the rule was deployed/published.

business rules viewer deployment history

Activity Tracking Status of the Current policy

The BizTalk administration supports the setting up of Tracking rules and viewing the tracked data from BizTalk administration console. Currently the status of the policy tracking data is visible in the BizTalk360 console. 

The four activity tracking status can be seen as below

biztalk360 business rules viewer tracking

Business Rules associated to a BizTalk Application

View associated policies to an BizTalk application with the same rich interface that supports policy explorer. From the application menu, when you navigate to the rules page You have the same feature set available to view the associated Rule data. The Rule information, Conditions and actions that belong to the particular application can all be accessed from here.

purchase order system of biztalk applications

User Access Policies

One of the core strength of using BizTalk360 is the comprehensive User Access Policy.

If you want share the rule information with your sales team, you have to give access to the Microsoft BizTalk Rule composer. But with the BizTalk Business Rule Viewer and appropriate user access any operational team user(sales, etc), BizTalk admin can take a look at the various rules, rule status and the rule information.

Using the below screen we can set the can access permission to Business Rules for the chosen user. Please refer to User Access Policies for more information on how to use User Access Policies.

add user access permissions for biztalk users