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BizTalk360 allows users to configure BizTalk groups that need to be managed. When BizTalk360 is installed, a default environment gets created in BizTalk360 (with the same name as the SQL server instance). The administrators need to Activate the license for the environment, click here to understand the BizTalk360 License Management. Once the new key is applied, the license will change to appropriate license type.

The administrators can configure multiple environments within a single installation of BizTalk360. To add a new environment, follow the steps as shown below:

  1. Log in to the application (as a Super user)
  2. Click the Settings icon at the top of the page
  3. Click Environments from the left menu bar
  4. Click New to add a new environment
  5. In the Environment Configuration page:
    1. Name - Enter a friendly name that helps to identify the environment. Ex. Contoso-QA
    2. BizTalk Management SQL Instance Name - Enter the name of the SQL server instance that holds the BizTalk Management Database. Ex. BT360DOC01
    3. BizTalk Management Database Name - Enter the name of the BizTalk Management Database (BizTalkMgmtDb)
    4. Pick your Environment UI color - Pick your preferred color for the environment. Users can choose a color theme for their environment for easy identification purposes, the color coding of the default environment is automatically created when BizTalk360 is installed for the first time. Similarly, when you create a new environment in BizTalk360, you can choose a custom color for the environment
    5. Allowed Features - Select the features that needs to be available for the particular environment, click Select All check box to allow all the features for an environment
  6. Click Save to add the new environment to BizTalk360

Click the sliders to view the process of adding a new environment.

Best Practice

BizTalk360 is a agent-less architecture. There is only one monitoring service running for all the configured environments. So having all the environments in one single configuration just adds lot of load on the monitoring service. The other issue with this approach is that if you have any issues with BizTalk360, it makes it so difficult to diagnose the issue since it affects lot of environments.

Therefore we recommend to have one installation for your PROD+DR, one installation for your QA environments. If you have lots of QA environments, add more installations and split them logically.