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BizTalk360 comes with an integrated Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) portal, which gives the ability to query BAM views, perform activity searches, check user permissions and activities time window from a single place. BizTalk360 picks up the configuration information from the BizTalk server BAM functionality (if you have used one in your environment) and displays them. There is no need to make any additional configurations to view the BAM information in BizTalk360.

All the values in the BAM Portal are completely Read-Only.

The BAM Portal screen in BizTalk360 displays the following information:

  • BAM Primary Import database details - Displays the name of the physical server, SQL server instance, and the BAM database name
  • BAM Views - Displays all the BAM views that are configured in the environment
  • BAM Databases - Displays all the BAM databases that are configured and their sizes

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