In this section, we will take a detailed look at the API documentation screen in BizTalk360. The API documentation section can be accessed through the BizTalk360 Settings section.

  1. API Documentation - To access the API documentation section in BizTalk360, log in to BizTalk360 (as a super user) and click BizTalk360 Settings on the top right corner of the page. Click API Documentation at the end of the list from the left menu.
    Only Super Users will have access to the API Documentation section.
  2. Environment Details - Most of the services require the environment ID as the parameter. The environment details section lists the different environments that are available in the BizTalk environment and their unique environment ID. 
    1. Environment Name - Lists the names of the configured environments
    2. Environment ID - Lists the unique environment ID for the configured environments
  3. Services Group - Choose the service group from the drop down. As mentioned in this article, we have grouped the API services into 10 different groups. Choose a group from the drop down to choose a particular service from the group.
  4. List of services - Depending on the selection from the drop down, the list of services will be displayed. Each group contains services that either retrieve the information from the BizTalk server environment (GET) or execute an operation on the BizTalk server artifact in the environment (POST). 
  5. Show/Hide - Click to Show/Hide the list of services (operations)
  6. Collapse Operations - Click to collapse all the operations in the selected Services Group
  7. Expand Operations - Click to expand all the operations in the selected Services Group

  8. Check the Security Requirements - In order to access any operations the user must have valid authorization. By default the operations are accessible only by super users unless relevant permission is given. You can use the Settings > User Access Policy to create a new user and assign relevant permission.