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What is BizTalk Message Box Database?

The BizTalk server uses a publish-subscribe messaging engine architecture and the heart of this architecture is the BizTalk MessageBox database (BizTalkMsgBoxDb). The message box is a Microsoft SQL server database that is responsible to store the messages, message properties, subscriptions, orchestration states, tracking data and many such information. A BizTalk server group may have one or more MessageBox databases into which the messages are written.

What Is A Service Instance And What Are The Different States?

When a message enters the BizTalk server, the service instances (receive ports, orchestrations, send ports) process the messages and there are occasions when the service instances can move to different states such as:

  • Ready to Run
  • Active
  • Dehydrated
  • Completed
  • Suspended (Resumable)
  • Suspended (Non Resumable)
  • Pending

For instance - when the message is being sent to an external web service and the service is unavailable; the send port service instance will try its maximum to send the message to the end point. If the message can't be sent, the send port will use the Retry mechanism to send the message again at a later time. If the retry mechanism fails as well, the send port service instance will suspend itself with the Suspended (resumable) state. This means that when the web service is up and running at a later point of time, the administrator can resume the service instance to send the message. There may be situations when the service instance will suspend itself to a non-resumable state, which means the message can no longer be processed. In this case, the administrator has no other choice but to terminate the service instance.

What Capabilities Does BizTalk360 Offer?

BizTalk360 offers similar capabilities as the BizTalk server administration console that allows administrators to query the message box database for all running and suspended service instances. The major difference from the admin console is the web based look and feel of the Message Box (Queries) section. In addition, BizTalk360 offers few extended capabilities such as Integrated knowledge base where users can attach knowledge base articles against a suspended service instance.

BizTalk360 v8.0 allows users to export the Query Results. Click Export to Excel link to download the report to your computer.

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