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In this section, we will take a look at the email notifications that get triggered from BizTalk360 system automatically when an Auto Correct operation happens. As mentioned inĀ this article, auto correct executes once in every monitoring cycle, which is usually 60 seconds. Therefore, if you have set the Max Retries count to, say, the default value of 5, auto correct will attempt to perform the retry operation every 60 seconds.

You will receive an auto correct email every 60 seconds till either the retry is successful or till the actual count matches with the retry count.

The auto correct email provides detailed information about the state of the artifact before auto correction happened, and what the auto correct functionality has attempted on the artifact. We will take a look at the email notifications that BizTalk360 System triggers for the different artifacts that can be auto corrected.

Receive Locations

Send Ports

BizTalk Servers (and SQL Servers)

SQL Server Instances (SQL Jobs)

BizTalk Environment