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The exception management capability that comes with the Microsoft Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) toolkit is widely used across organizations to handle the exceptions uniformly among all applications. As discussed inĀ this article, BizTalk360 solves the challenge involved in setting up the ESB toolkit by allowing administrators to easily configure the exception management capabilities and start viewing the exceptions within the UI.

In addition, BizTalk360 offers the capabilities where administrators can automate the process of looking for a specific fault code in a particular application and get notified when the condition is actually met. For instance, the administrator can set up an ESB data monitor as "Look for fault code 0xc0c01687 in GlobalBank.ESB application and warn me when there are >25 faults and throw an error when there are >50 faults at every 1 hour cycle during my business hours (9 AM to 6 PM) on weekdays." With this, the administrator can avoid querying the exception database often to look out for fault codes in a specific application.