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Once the Process (Data) Monitor is created and configured, it will execute during the specified time intervals. The data monitoring dashboard will display the status of the process monitor on a specific date at a specific time interval in the calendar chart control. Once the information is plotted in the calendar chart, an email gets triggered to the email id specified while creating the process monitoring alarm. Please note that SMTP needs to be configured in order to be able to receive email notifications from BizTalk360. In addition to SMTP settings, make sure the monitoring service responsible to send alerts is running.

The email alert will contain the Process Monitoring Execution Results information that will provide the status of the process monitor. You will receive the process monitor alert emails only if you had selected the 'Use this alarm for Process Monitor Alerts' option. By only selecting this, you will only receive the Failure emails to the configured email address. Alternatively, if you had selected the 'Notify on Success as well' option, you will receive the success alert emails as well to your mailbox. The following screenshots depicts a success and a failure email notification received for a configured Process (Data) Monitor.